City of Novi Sad



BIG free bus makes it easier and faster to get to the BIGgest shopping center in Novi Sad!

BIG bus runs on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 10pm, on every one hour.

Departures from the city center: 10 – 21h

Departures from BIG: 10.30 – 22h 

Stations from the city center to the BIG shopping center are: Uspenska (tram No 2 turntable), Liberation Boulevard (green market Futoska), Liberation Boulevard (Simpo), Jasa Tomic Boulevard (pharmacy Tilia), Kisacka (overpass), BIG centar. Stations from the BIG Shopping Center to the city center are: BIG Center, Liberation Boulevard (Hotel Novi Sad), Liberation Boulevard (Lottery Vojvodina), Jevrejska (Zeki Bakery), Uspenska (tram No 2 turntable).

Come with your BIG friends and BIG family and get all the BIG things from our BIG offer!