City of Novi Sad


#BIG thinks of your health!

On Saturday, August 14, between 3 and 8 pm, a team of #MediGroup experts will perform various medical examinations on the ground floor of the #BIGNoviSad center free of charge in order to raise awareness about maintaining health and the importance of preventive examinations:
• measuring blood sugar levels;
• measuring blood pressure;
• measuring the body's oxygen saturation;
• measurement of vitamin-mineral composition;
• fat measurement;
• examination of depth and stereo vision with an Otoreiter device;
• measurement of vitamin-mineral composition by the latest quantum method;
• counseling regarding the use of dietary supplements and how to adjust the diet;
• advising on the possibilities of combining dietary supplements and applications with other drugs;
• advice on gluten-free diet;
• consultation with a general practitioner ...

Health is not taken for granted, it is kept and checked regularly.

We are waiting for you!
🗓 Saturday, 14th of August
⏰ 15-20h
📍 #BIGNoviSad ground floor, in the front of H&M store