City of Novi Sad



We are in a period of need to stay in our own homes. However, if you need to make an emergency purchase, your #BIG is always available.

The locations that continue to operate are:
📍 Ooh la la 10am-4pm
📍 Pet centar 8am-4pm
📍 Woby haus-8am-5pm
📍 DM 8am-5pm
📍 Home plus 10am-4pm
📍 Sport Vision 10am-4pm
📍 Tref Sport 10am-4pm
📍 Jysk 10am-4pm
📍 Deichmann 9am-4pm
📍 Top Shop 9am-4pm

On weekends we are closed in accordance with the measures of the Government of the Republic of Serbia regarding the state of emergency.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your #BIGNoviSad