City of Novi Sad


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Special seats that move in line with the film images on the screen, intense scents, wind blows, water, fog, and unbelievable lighting effects…

These and many other as yet unseen contents expect all visitors to the first 4DX screen in Serbia, as part of the newest CineStar multiplex cinema, the largest one in Vojvodina and the most state-of-the-art cinema in entire Serbia.

The multiplex is the third and the most ambitious project by the Blitz CineStar company in Serbia – the largest cinema chain in the region which boasts the highest admission numbers. With as many as 10 screens and just under 1,400 seats, this monumental building spreads across over 5,000 square meters, situated in a separate building within the BIG centre.

CineStar brings to Serbia a completely new 4DX cinema format, which means an unusual and intense film experience to the admirers of the seventh art. The motion seats are perfect to simulate adrenaline speed driving, space travel, flying or swimming. Strong wind blows, water, bubbles, fog, rain storms, lightning and special scents such as coffee, gunpowder, the smell of burning tyres, enable the viewers to really experience the pictures on the movie screen and be part of the film, just as the motto says. The 4Dx screen is equipped with the Barco last generation laser projector, the only one in the region of former Yugoslavia, which enables better image contrast. That is key to today’s cinema, especially when it comes to 3D titles.

Visitors to the new cinema can expect the premieres of the latest and most popular Hollywood blockbusters day-and-date with their world’s openings, as well as alternative contents such as Royal Opera House programmes, live broadcasts of concerts, musicals and games, under a common name „Spectacles at CineStar“.

Gigantic wall-to-wall screens, top-of-the-line technologies, such as Dolby Digital EX and DTS sound systems that provide crystal clear images and sound, are just some of the technical features and superiority of the new cinema. In addition to the 4Dx screen, this multiplex has ultimate RealD 3D screens, and eXtreme screen – built by special CineStar standards.

The eXtreme theatre screen is as large as 120 square meters and coated in silver, on which films will come alive thanks to Barco projector, the world’s brightest projector – acknowledged as such in the Guinness book of records in 2010. All CineStar theatres are not just technologically superior, but also very comfortable, with large, above standard space for legs between rows. There are leather VIP chairs, attractive Love seats and Love Box seats intended for couples who want some privacy. Visitors can expect a variety of recognizable CineStar promotions such as hidden or midnight premiers, matinees for kids and families, My CineStar Tuesday – a more favourable cinema day, as well as birthday celebrations, loyalty programmes, free parking….

In addition to the cinema theatres, the Novi Sad multiplex has two specially designed CineStar cafes with a terrace and the atmosphere of a lounge bar, two spacious and modern playrooms (birthday party rooms) equipped with Play Station consoles.

This latest multiplex in Vojvodina provides the opportunity to organize conferences and meetings, business meetings and private celebrations. Novi Sad’s CineStar is not just the place for the best film entertainment, but also for the whole day of quality entertainment for entire families.

The citizens of Novi Sad has the opportunity to buy tickets online – quick, simple and secure – without queuing up – through a web page or the iCineStar application.

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