About Us

BIG CEE Serbia is a part of Big Shopping Centers Israel, which currently holds and manages 58 active shopping centers and mall projects throughout the world, including 27 shopping centers in the USA and 3 in Serbia.

BIG CEE Serbia currently operates its first project in Serbia, BIG Shopping Center Novi Sad, opened in 2012. Two projects are under development in Belgrade, capital of Serbia and to be opened under the name and concept of BIG FASHION.

Each Big Shopping Center retail store has the following characteristics:

  • Positioned along the main roads, with excellent visibility, exposure and access
  • Facilities with maximum two levels
  • Large open parking space at ground level
  • Direct access to the stores from parking
  • A good combination of stores that will cover all your daily needs
  • Great shop with a wide range of products and affordable prices

These characteristics represent the main advantages of this retail concept because they enable coordinated, convenient and efficient shopping manner to the customers and increase of retail sales, to the retailers.

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