City of Novi Sad



The Games.con game is mooving on the 1st floor of our center and now it’s called Gaming Center GALAKTIKA and on that occasion, GALAKTIKA IS LAUNCHED WITH THE CONSOLES!

The favorite space station of all gamers will transfer their Novi Sad branch to TC BIG this weekend – on the first floor of our center! For the solemn relaying of the new GALING CENTER GALAKTIKA you are expecting a lot of surprises, free tokens for all toy units, free to play the biggest VR hits, social games tournaments, and big matches on the PlayStation consoles!

On Saturday, June 8th, exactly ten o’clock begins the tournament in one of the most popular simulations of “the most important side things in the world” – FIFA 19 is playing, and we are waiting for the best masters of football to show what they know before the elimination phase that will be played the following day, on Sunday, June 9, at 12 o’clock.

Along with the expulsion of football passions, also on Sunday at 12 o’clock, the tournament starts in the merciless “tabernacle” MORTAL COMBAT 11, the latest sequel in the cult series where the entire generation of gamers grew up.

The winners of each individual tournament expect great rewards, and all interested participants will process the information that the entries are FULL FREE – You only need to come to the GALING CENTER GALACTIC Info Center and log in until the tournament draw is complete.

Cities are, therefore, limited, so log in on time!

Applications will start on June 5th, we wish you a lot of luck, the best way to handle gamepads, and see you in GALAKTIKA!