City of Novi Sad

Category: Footwear
Phone: 021 270 13 71
Shop: B12

It all began in 1580. when Bata family started their own shoe store in small Czech village Zlin and nowadays, Bata is the company with 4700 stores all over the world and with 50.000 employees. In the end of 19th century, Tomas Bata together with his brother and sister, decided to turn his shoe store into industrial company. With barely 350 dollars in their pockets, they borrowed two sewing machine and ordered leather on trust. Tomas was only 19 years old. With first money he earned, Tomas Bata traveled to America, England and Germany , where he finds out a lot about new techniques for shoe industry. After that, he came back to Czech republic and changed radically his way of shoe production. BATA is nowadays a synonym for quality and afordable shoes.