Category: Food and drinks
Phone: 021 270 17 70
Shop: FC2

The first FOODY restaurant is founded in 2005 in the center of Novi Sad. That is how the whole new standard in fast food concept of services is set on market. On 2007 this concept is successfully adapted on the Belgrade market, too. In Novi Sad on 2018 Foody have in mind opening of one brand new restaurant, and two more in Belgrade until 2019. Using the high-quality raw materials and domestic traditional recipes, we succeed to make our products, the most recognizable on market. In our offer we have traditional cooked meals, grilled dishes, salads, pasta, lasagnas, homemade cakes, cookies and ice creams. Thanks to big knowledge, great experience and constant investments, we are getting liability of the satisfied customers and achievements in form of first or second place in turnovers in regard to our competition. Leaded by the idea that customers deserve always the best products and service, we invest in startup a new production plants for meat processing and cake baking. Starting a new production plants, gave us in 2017 a rounded circle from raw material to final product for customers, and all for a gold of better control of the products, higher quality and satisfied customers.