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gloTM  is a leading product for tobacco warming by British American Tobacco company. It is designed on Great Britain by 100 experts from 5 continents, including scientists, engineers, designers, experts for tobacco and toxicologists.

gloTM is made of baterry device which warms up sepcialy designed tobacco sticks neoTM on aproximately 240 degrees. This procedure makes an aerosol which contains nicotin without tobacco smoke, unpleasant smells, wihout ashes and with 95% harmful substances less. gloTM  is a one device with one button and that makes it simple and intuitive for usage.

In March 2021 on the Serbian market it is represented new upgraded device gloTM Hyper device which contains advanced technology of inductive warming. gloTM Hyper is specially designed and compatible for work with new neoTM demi sticks.

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