City of Novi Sad

Category: Clothing
Phone: 021 270 01 81
Shop: B43a

Nicola’s is a premium fashion brand with a 30-year long tradition and a synonym for quality, comfortable and modern outfits which are easy to combine in different occasions. It was founded in 1991, when the world fashion scene was dominated by streetstyle trends which put a spotlight on the modern man and woman. Nicola’S has therefore always placed its focus on creating practical pieces of modern forms and cuts. Nicola’S woman is dynamic, independent, confident and decisive. She does not follow fashion trends, she sets them. Nicola’S collection for women covers all segments of life- from business outfits, casual daytime pieces to elegant, evening outfits. Nicola’S man is successful, he enjoys challenges and has a strong charisma. Therefore, Nicola’S collection for men includes modern business combinations and casual, minimalistic pieces which are ideal for everyday occasions. Using only the best materials and focusing on the needs of modern consumers, while keeping the timeless quality of its pieces, Nicola’S is today in the very top of the fashion industry in Serbia and the region.