City of Novi Sad

Category: Odeća
Phone: 021 27 04 293
Shop: B72b

20 years of tradition in production, design team of Pirocanac Underwear company follows fashion trends and uses the best quality cotton in the creation of baby, children’s, women’s and men’s clothes. From the small production on the beginning to the recognizable family brand, the company measures constant growth, which is reflected in over one hundred professional staff. In addition to the modern production located in Arilje, the company is launching its products on the market across Serbia and Montenegro through wholesale centers in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis and Cetinje. In order to follow the way and style of modern life, thread by thread, we create the underwear, the sleeping and beach program for the whole family. Thanks to its quality and unique design, the company follows the recognizable stylish image.