City of Novi Sad

Category: Clothing
Phone: 021 520 500
Shop: C01b

SiNSAY is a brand for loud, characteristic and highly expressive girls, who boldly follow the latest trends. Thanks to our projects SiNSAY girls they can enjoy fashion, emphasizing their original personality. The undeniable advantage of the brand is the low prices, allowing teens to buy their dream T-shirts, jeans or fashion accessories. SiNSAY girls draw inspiration from the Internet; there – on social media channels – the brand focuses its marketing activity. SiNSAY cooperates with young influencers and models. Last year Karolina Pisarek and Aleksandra Kowalska were the brand’s faces. The salons have a fresh and monochrome appearance that is the ideal background for a colourful collection. The biggest SiNSAY shops have a lounge area with sofas or puffs.