City of Novi Sad



Visit Europe’s largest exhibition “The secret world of illusions” that comes from Poland to BIG Shopping Center from 24th of January to 13th of February and see “Magic tower”, “Closet of Davenport brothers”, “Pepper’s ghost”, “Blossoming lemon tree” and lot of other tricks.

Do you want to see the haunted table, ghost, turning water into wine or turning nails into gold? Turnover your view of the world, peek into the room where miracles happen, discover the secret of levitation and create a magical photo in room of optical illusion.

Take a peek into the secret world of illusion!

The most important thing in illusion is the secret, it’s a mystery.

Everyone wants to discover the secret, to know how it’s made.

But not everyone knows that it is a long road to it…

On this link you’ll see part of magic and illusion that is expecting you soon:¬†

Part of the magic you can try by yourself: on Saturday 31.01. and Sunday, 01.02, and the following weekend, on 07th and 08th of February, you will have fun with magician Volare. The program is scheduled for 18h on first floor, near restaurants and the “Magic Tower”.

Enjoy and actively participate in interesting tricks!