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Birthday discounts are one step closer to you!

Dear customers, in order to make you happy, Vitorog has prepared a series of surprises for all of you on the occasion of the 9th birthday of the TC Zmaj salon in Belgrade, which you will especially like.

From August 26th to 31st, visit the Vitorog salon in TC BIG and enjoy the great offer, because in addition to special discounts of up to 63%, you can expect 3 DAYS OF ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS:

On August 28th and 29th, you can expect an ADDITIONAL 10% discount on the ENTIRE FURNITURE RANGE

On August 30th, you can expect an ADDITIONAL 15% discount on the CHILDREN’S PROGRAM

An additional discount is not granted on products that are included in the current promotional offer, as well as on white goods. Discounts cannot be added together