Best sneakers stores in Belgrade at BIG FASHION

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Sneakers in Belgrade are more than just footwear; they’re a fashion statement integral to the city’s vibrant and stylish culture.

In every corner of the city, from bustling streets to cozy cafes, a variety of sneaker styles are proudly showcased. At the heart of this culture lies BIG FASHION shopping center, a haven for sneaker lovers.

Offering everything from trendy to classic designs, and with convenient hours from 10 am to 10 pm, BIG is more than a shopping center—it’s a reflection of Belgrade’s deep-seated passion for sneakers and its dynamic urban style.

In the following blog post, find out what are the most popular sneaker shops in Belgrade!

Intersport – Sneaker shop in Belgrade for pros and lifestyle

Location: 1/123

Brands Offered: Nike, Adidas, Salomon, Hoka, Under Armour, Icepeak, Energetics, Asics, Brooks, and more

Intersport in Belgrade is a top destination for both sports gear and trendy lifestyle sneakers. It offers a wide range of equipment for various sports, catering to all athlete levels, alongside a fashionable sneaker collection perfect for everyday wear.

N Fashion – Stylish Belgrade sneaker store

Location: 1/102 ; 103

Brands Offered: Guess, Tommy Hilfinger, Karl Lagerfield, Replay, Armani Exchange, Ainger, and more

N Fashion in Belgrade stands out for its stylish sneakers from top brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Armani Exchange, and Karl Lagerfeld. Offering luxury and trendiness, it’s a top choice for fashion-savvy shoppers seeking elegant and stylish footwear.

N Selection – Sportswear and Sneaker Store in Belgrade

Location: 1/121

Brands Offered: PUMA Prime and Select, Adidas Originals, Nike, Diadora, Fila, Converse, Reebok, Saucony

N Selection in Belgrade is a trendy sneaker store known for its stylish sneakers and chic sportswear. Perfect for the fashion-forward and active, it offers trendy footwear and comfortable, contemporary sportswear, making it a go-to for those wanting to look stylish at the gym and beyond.

Nike sneakers

N Sport – Style and Functionality

Location: 1/130

Brands Offered: PUMA, adidas, Nike, Russell Athletic, Diadora, Fila, Converse, Reebok, Sergio Tacchini, Skechers, 4F

N Sport in Belgrade, seamlessly combines functionality with fashion in its range of sneakers and sportswear. This store is ideal for those seeking athletic gear that doesn’t compromise on style. With options for high-performance sports and trendy everyday wear, N Sport caters to the practical yet style-conscious, ensuring every customer finds the perfect fit for both their active and fashion needs.

Office Shoes – Sneaker Shop in Belgrade with Renowned Brands

Location: 0/036

Brands Offered: Vans, Calvin Klein Jeans, Tommy Hilfinger, Guess, Lacoste, and more

Office Shoes in Belgrade is more than just a sneaker store; it’s a comprehensive footwear destination. Here, shoppers can find a diverse array of shoes, from renowned sneaker brands to stylish boots, cozy slippers, and various other types. This store caters to all footwear needs, making it a perfect spot for those seeking quality and variety in their shoe collection.

Planeta Sport – Affordable Belgrade Sneaker Store

Location: 1/122

Brands Offered: Rang, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Lotto, Sergio Tacchini, New Balance, Navigare, Wintro and more

Planeta Sport in Belgrade offers a winning combination of affordability and quality in its sneaker selection. This store is known for its budget-friendly prices on sneakers, making it a popular choice for those looking for value deals. Alongside sneakers, Planeta Sport also features a range of sportswear, catering to customers who seek both performance and style without breaking the bank.

Sport Vision – Multi Brand Sneaker Shop Belgrade

Location: 1/118

Brands Offered: Asics, Crocs, Icepeak, Hoka, The North Face, Umbro, and more

Sport Vision in Belgrade is a versatile store catering to both sneaker enthusiasts and sportswear shoppers. It offers a wide selection of sneakers suitable for various needs, alongside professional and leisure sportswear. Whether you’re a serious athlete or simply seeking casual sports attire, Sport Vision provides quality options for every lifestyle and activity.

Converse sneakers

Buzz – Most Popular Sneakers in Belgrade

Location: 1/118A

Brands Offered: Jordan, Nike Air Force, Nike Air Max, Converse, and more

Buzz in Belgrade is a go-to for fans of top sneaker brands like Jordan and Nike Air Force. It offers a selection of trendy and classic styles, making it a favorite spot for those seeking the latest in sneaker fashion.

Decathlon – Every Sport under One Roof

Location: BFP/L10

Brands Offered: Asics, Kalenji, Newfeel, Domyos, and more

Decathlon in Belgrade is a one-stop-shop for sports enthusiasts, offering equipment for virtually every sport, from running and martial arts to equestrian sports. This store is renowned for its wide-ranging inventory, ensuring that no matter your sport of choice, you’ll find the necessary gear and accessories all under one roof.

Fashion&Friends – Luxury Sneaker store Belgrade

Location: 0/004

Brands Offered: Hugo, Lyle & Scott, Versace, Boss, Lacoste, and more

Fashion&Friends in Belgrade is a haven for luxury sneaker aficionados. This upscale store showcases a selection of high-end sneaker brands, offering shoppers the epitome of luxury and style. Ideal for those who seek exclusivity and premium quality in their footwear, Fashion and Friends is the go-to destination for luxury sneaker enthusiasts.

Vans sneakers

Ecco – Top-quality Sneaker Shop in Belgrade

Location: 0/024

Brands Offered: Ecco

Ecco in Belgrade distinguishes itself with a focus on top-quality materials for its footwear. Known for its commitment to durability and comfort, Ecco’s store offers a range of shoes crafted from premium materials, ensuring both longevity and a superior wear experience. It’s a prime choice for those who prioritize quality and craftsmanship in their footwear.

Deichmann – Affordable and stylish

Location: 1/119

Brands Offered: Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Catwalk, Casa Mia, and more

Deichmann in Belgrade offers a diverse selection of footwear, ranging from sports sneakers to stylish and lifestyle-oriented options. Known for its affordability, this store is a favorite among those seeking both variety and value. Deichmann provides an extensive array of choices that cater to different preferences and budgets, making it an ideal destination for shoppers looking for quality shoes without a hefty price tag.

CCC – Wide Range of Sneakers

Location: 1/116

Brands Offered: Beverly Hills Polo Club, Clara Barson, DeeZee, G-STAR, Gino Rossi

CCC in Belgrade is a footwear store renowned for its diverse collection and affordability. Offering a variety of styles from casual to formal, CCC caters to a wide range of preferences and occasions. The store is particularly popular for combining quality with budget-friendly prices, making it an attractive option for shoppers seeking good value in their footwear choices.

Tips for Sneaker Shopping in Belgrade

When embarking on sneaker shopping in Belgrade, it’s essential to note that each brand may have different sizing and fits, so always check for the right size.

Savvy shoppers should also be aware of sales events like Black Friday and New Year discounts for the best deals. Paying attention to the quality and durability of sneakers is crucial for a satisfactory purchase.

In conclusion, best shopping in Belgrade, as in any fashion endeavor, involves careful consideration of size, seasonal sales, and the longevity of the product.