Gifts for March 8 – ideas and tips for choosing and buying gifts for Women’s Day

Devojka drži ruke preko očiju

Choosing a gift for March 8 is an exciting but by no means an easy task. Every year we need to surpass the previous gifts and surprise all the ladies who mean something to us.

However, no matter how big the choice of gifts was, it doesn’t have to give you headaches! In just one visit to our shopping malls, you will find exactly what you are looking for – the most beautiful gift for March 8 for mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, or friend.

If you need gift ideas for March 8, read our text, visit the nearest BIG shopping center and enjoy the shopping of original gifts that will bring smiles to your dear women.

Women’s Day Gift Ideas – What Are The Best Gifts For March 8?

When you are looking for a gift for March 8, ideas sometimes come up on their own, while sometimes it seems to us that no idea we have is good enough. The pressure is big because we all want to show the ladies we care about how much we appreciate and love them, as well as how much they mean to us.

The BIG shopping center is here to make this job easier for you!

In a large number of our stores of famous brands, you can find everything you need, whether it is clothes and footwear, jewelry or products in the field of beauty and health.

If this year you want to easily and stress-free choose the perfect gift for your better half or dear family member, visit BIG in Belgrade, Novi Sad, or any other nearest BIG shopping center and enjoy an extraordinary shopping experience!

If you are wondering what to give for March 8 to a girl, mom, colleague, or sister, and you would like to get some ideas before you go shopping, below we offer you great suggestions. Keep reading and find out which gifts for March 8 will warm all tender hearts this year!

Poklon za osmi mart upakovan u crveni ukras

The best gift for March 8 for mom – please your dearest woman with a carefully selected gift

The best gifts for March 8 are those that convey your emotions. When choosing a gift for March 8, it is important that you show the woman you are giving it how much you appreciate and love her, and how much she means to you in life.

Mothers are the ones who have always received the most attention to this day. The children make them happy with lovely gifts that they give them from the heart, and the husbands show them with their signs of attention how much they mean to them.

When it comes to a gift for mom for the Eighth of March, there is nothing that will not make her happy if it comes from the heart. However, there are always certain favorites that enjoy the greatest sympathy among all moms.

#1 Furniture and decoration as classic gifts for every mom

Every mother loves when she receives something as a gift that will enrich the family home and that will remind her of you for a long time. It can be a decoration for the house, but also some practical piece of furniture such as a decorative pillow, blanket, or tablecloth, as well as an elegant candlestick or an interesting lamp.

BIG shopping malls have everything for the house! In stores such as JYSK in Novi Sad or Emmezeta in Belgrade, you can find a large number of decorations and furniture. We are sure that you will find a nice gift for your mom in their assortment. 

Also, another beautiful and very practical gift can be a piece of quality dishes or textiles, which you can find in our stores Top Shop in Novi Sad and Vitapur in Belgrade.

#2 Kitchen appliance – a practical gift for March 8 mom

Is there anything a woman loves more than pragmatism?

This is especially true for moms. Therefore, if you want to give your mother a practical gift that she will be able to use for years, on March 8, look for a quality kitchen appliance.

In BIG shopping malls, we are proud of the selection of white goods and small home appliances that our stores offer. In stores such as Bosch in Novi Sad and Tehnomanija in Belgrade, you can find quality devices at affordable prices, which will be ideal gifts for every household.

In addition to home appliances, our stores offer a wide selection of appliances in the field of care and beauty. Decide on a piece of technology that your mom still doesn’t have and make her happy on this holiday!

#3 Wallet – an elegant gift for March 8 for mom

Who says mothers only buy things for the house?

Mothers are not just housewives, they skillfully balance their roles in the family and outside. Every mother is first and foremost a lady, and what does one lady prefer more than a beautiful piece of cloth or accessories?

This year, instead of another item for the house, buy your mother a beautiful accessory that will complement her style. Visit the Zara store in Belgrade, P… .S…. fashion in Novi Sad or Mona in Belgrade, and choose a wallet or other accessory that will delight your mom!

Gift Ideas for March 8 for a girlfriend – choose the best gift for Women’s Day

When buying gifts for March 8, it seems that the biggest task is on the boys. You need to choose an original gift that will surprise your beloved.

This task is especially complicated if the relationship is fresh, and the guy is not sure if he knows the girl’s taste well enough. Fortunately, certain classics never go out of fashion, which will surely make every girl happy.

#1 Jewelry – make your beautiful half happy with an elegant piece of jewelry

Jewelry is something that never goes out of fashion. Every girl likes to receive a beautiful necklace, bracelet, or earrings as a gift. However, it is necessary to guess its taste.

Whether you already know exactly what you will give to your better half this March 8th, or you need a little inspiration, the BIG shopping center is the right place to shop!

Our jewelers offer a variety of jewelry styles, and their friendly and experienced staff will help you choose. Visit one of our goldsmiths such as Pandora in Belgrade or Swarovski in Belgrade and find the ideal gift for March 8 for a girl!

#2 Perfume – choose the perfect fragrant note for your girlfriend

Every woman loves to wear perfume. Depending on the occasion and her mood, the perfume can make her feel serious, playful, or seductive. Therein lies the charm of perfumes and that is why they are so popular among women.

So, when you are not sure what to buy girls for March 8, one of the best choices is perfume.

However, the question remains – How to choose the right note. It all depends on the taste of the girl you choose, as well as the message you want to send him. Pay attention to the notes he usually uses and with them in mind, head to the nearest BIG mall.

Visit the perfumery Parfen in Belgrade or Jasmin in Novi Sad, consult with our professional staff, try a couple of perfumes and we are sure that the inspiration will come by itself!

# 3 Underwear – a comfortable nightgown or an attractive set of underwear

If you are wondering what to give a girl for March 8 and everything seems to have already been seen, another good choice is underwear or a nightgown. These pieces are something that is always needed and that every girl will be happy about.

Girls pay so much attention to their appearance that they like to be beautiful even when they go to bed. That is why a beautiful nightgown that is both comfortable and stylish is a great gift for every girl!

Also, in addition to the nightgown, you can opt for an elegant and sensual piece of underwear, in which every girl will feel attractive and desirable.

Whatever your final decision, you will find the perfect gift for March 8th in BIG shopping malls! We are proud of the wide selection that our stores Extreme Intimo in Novi Sad, Women’s Secret in Belgrade, and many others offer to their customers.

Visit one of the many lingerie stores in the nearest BIG shopping center and choose the perfect gift for your beautiful half!

Uručenje poklona devojci za osmi mart

Original gift for March 8 – give something that is not material

The best thing you can give someone is quality time spent together. So try to dedicate some time to a loved one during this beautiful holiday.

BIG shopping malls are the right place where you can spend International Women’s Day!

Plan an interesting day filled with numerous activities, take your dear lady shopping, treat yourself to one of our cafes and restaurants along the way, and fun is guaranteed!

Another way to spend this holiday together is an interesting evening with a cinema and dinner.

For lovers of tasty food and good company, going out on a meal is always a hit. In BIG shopping malls, you can opt for various bars, from fast food bars such as KFC in Novi Sad and McDonald’s in Belgrade to more elegant bars such as the cafe restaurant Monument in Belgrade.

For lovers of foreign cuisines, there are Burrito Madre in Belgrade, as well as Asia Food in Belgrade.

After that, go to the cinema and experience the real experience of the movie on the big screen! Visit some of the BIG cinemas such as Cine Star in Novi Sad or Cine Star in Zrenjanin, as well as Cineplex in Belgrade, and enjoy the phenomenal resolution of our 4k projectors!

Choosing the perfect gift for you dear lady may not be as complicated a task as it may seem at first glance. We hope our text has awakened your inspiration.

Now it’s up to you to compile a list and head to the nearest BIG shopping center, where you will find a large selection of gifts and affordable prices!