Spring / Summer 2022 Fashion – Follow the latest fashion trends


Fashion for spring / summer 2022 says that it is time to put aside wide, sporty cuts, kimono suits and take off oversized sneakers!

This season, everything is about empowering and celebrating the female body and attributes.

Tight clothes that emphasize curves, luxurious prints and attractive cuts, prepare us for a real fashion “sexy back”. It was time.

Recognized as the number 1 shopping destination for buying trendy pieces of clothing, footwear and accessories, we bring trends to your wardrobes, right from the runways of world capitals.

Stores in BIG shopping malls have started to bring smiles to the colorful shop windows, which announce: “Spring has arrived!”.

Here are the fashion trends waiting for you at BIG this season.

Fashion for summer 2022 – shorter than ever!

Goodbye midi and maxi lengths, bow to their majesty – mini skirts!

More precisely – micro length, as it is called by prestigious fashion magazines.

We saw them on the runways of Chanel, Miu Miu, and even at the Prada fashion show. Due to the minimum length, they will be mostly worn as part of the fashion for summer 2022, but if you combine them with interesting socks, we are sure that you will be able to wear them during the spring season as well.

Mini length skirts made of sensual satin, but also soft linen or practical polyester are available in the largest Zara store in Serbia, which has also remained true to the latest trends with its colorful and interesting designs.

Of course, Fashion & Friends, H&M, Waikiki, as well as other clothing stores in Belgrade and other BIG centers, have not remained immune to the micro trend.

You know how mini skirts can either look fantastic on you, or you don’t like them at all?

The diverse offer of stores in BIG shopping malls makes sure that every woman can find a mini skirt that will flatter her figure. You don’t like the way Zara’s cuts look? Just go to the neighboring Stradivarius, or continue to another favorite store and so on until you find that skirt that you will wear with your back straight!

And don’t forget – this summer, and hopefully all that is coming, will be marked by the empowerment of women and their figures. And that is the biggest trend you need to follow. Don’t let stretch marks, excess weight or any other dissatisfaction with your body prevent you from jumping into the past season!

Spring / Summer 2022 fashion says that it is time to redefine sex appeal

Fashion trends for the spring-summer season were monitored during the Black Friday campaign, in the autumn and winter collections of the brands. Do you remember how in the months before the New Year, clothes started to get narrower and dresses more and more attractive? Apart from Christmas sweaters, we spent the New Year in the most festive, narrow and glamorous editions.

The designers have decided to follow this trend of narrowing and shortening to the end, so the fashion for spring-summer will be marked by dresses and blouses with body, transparent materials that emphasize the beauty of the skin and very, very narrow straps. Also, sequin colors and materials from the summer will no longer be reserved only for New Year’s Eve, but also as wearable in the summer months!

Disco aesthetics is back from the 80’s and is ready to win you over!

In the Fashion & Friends store in Belgrade, Fashion & Friends in Novi Sad and in Indjija Outlet Park, you will find just such models, arrived right from the world’s catwalks in our shopping centers! Explore your nearest BIG and awaken your attractiveness like never before!

Moda proleće/leto 2022 – Ispratite najnovije modne trendove

From caladont to bright colors – colors that will mark the fashion of spring 2022.

Yes, you read that right – kaladont.

Remember how off-white valerian took over social media in previous seasons?

This time, it will be done by “kaladont” shade of white – one that resembles white toothpaste in its shade. What a refreshment!

As usual, with neutral colors, everything will be in texture. Spice up the outfit by combining a blouse made of pleasant knitwear from the Biliczki store in Belgrade with a skirt of identical shade, but made of satin or denim. We are sure that you will be able to find something like this in P.S. Fashion stores in Belgrade, PS in Novi Sad and other stores throughout Serbia. Of course, you wear these pieces in the same, monochrome tone. This way you will create a complementary styling, the materials of which complement each other perfectly, and due to the monochromatic outfit, you will look like the lady on the cover!

And don’t worry, if you’re not a fan of classic tones – bright colors will be worn this summer!

Mostly pink, orange and green.

And not fluorescent, but in a bright tone, vivid and natural.

Apart from the fact that these colors will be “allowed”, their combination will also be viewed favorably. So, there are no rules in combining colors that we will not break this summer!

Orange with pink, pink with red, yellow with cyclamen – everything will be worn equally.

You will see that from the moment you put on bright colors, you will suddenly start radiating fresh energy. Try it and see for yourself. Encourage yourself and sail into the world of the most beautiful colors and try 50 shades of blue, purple, orange and green in the nearest BIG shopping center. We are sure that only then will you discover which color suits you best!

This season, everything is colored with femininity – fashion for spring-summer in its most delicate edition

We could see that at fashion weeks as well.

Donatella even included latex in the spring collection, while the Gucci house remained faithful to subtle lace, and Dior to the recognizable “Monroe” silhouette. Influencers have largely started to interpret these pieces by placing them on social networks, and we can say that a trendsetter agreement has been reached between designers and users of trends, so we are ready to interpret what they have prepared for us!

And what they have prepared for us is a real spring ode to femininity!

Motifs of butterflies, flowers, and even patterned cuts whose lines are inspired by waves or circular ornaments that are typical representatives of women’s energy in aesthetics, will be worn on clothes this season!

Just look at what feminine pieces they bring you Stradivarius in Belgrade, Koton in Novi Sad and Pull&Bear in Belgrade. The offer is no less sensual Reserved in Belgrade, neither Waikiki stores in Novi Sad and other BIG centers!

Moda proleće/leto 2022 – Ispratite najnovije modne trendove

Fashion for spring-summer 2022 and what kind of bags and shoes will be worn?

Mona in Belgrade and Indjija, has already decorated the window with pink and green leather bags. We haven’t had a chance to see such a range of colors on our skin since the 60’s, and that makes us happy! In addition to interesting colors, small bags, clear lines and simple cuts will still be worn. Certain brands have already included somewhat more extravagant handbags in their offers, in interesting forms, so it seems that in this field the trend will be able to be summed up in one phrase: “All or nothing!”, Ie – either timeless classics or complete extravagance.

Shoe stores in Belgrade and other cities faithfully follow the trends in the field of clothing, so they perfectly complement the trends.

Kicks and Heelz i Office Shoes in Belgrade suggest that platform heels are back, and we expect sandals with leather straps that follow the line of the feet and cover even the toes to appear soon!

Enjoy spring shopping and update your wardrobe! See you at BIG!