The best women’s and men’s perfumes – Top list of the best perfumes


The best men’s and women’s perfumes are the main topic of many conversations among friends, but also articles in fashion magazines.

We all want to find a perfume that we will like first of all, and then paint our character, while spontaneous compliments from the environment are always a desirable bonus.

At first glance, finding the ideal perfume may seem like a long and complicated process, but we are here to help!

Perfumeries in BIG shopping centers offer a wide selection of perfumes, including those on today’s list. Keep reading and find out which are the most beautiful women’s and men’s perfumes.

How to choose the best men’s and women’s perfumes?

Perfume is a personal stamp of an individual, a way to stand out and leave an impression on your surroundings. You may have never thought about it, but the perfume you wear every day plays a big role in forming the first impression of you. Also, he is something that is remembered for a long time, even after all other memories fade.

Choosing the perfect perfume is not an easy task. We cannot say that the most beautiful men’s perfumes are those that smell intense and oriental, nor that the best women’s perfumes are exclusively gentle, floral and airy.

There are many different shades in the world of fragrances, which you have to discover yourself in order to find your ideal note. However, certain information can help you choose, such as which are the best-selling women’s perfumes, or which are the best men’s perfumes of women’s choice.

That is why we have compiled a list of the most popular men’s and women’s perfumes for you, which will serve as a good basis. You can find all the perfumes from this list in our perfumeries in Belgrade, as well as in perfumeries in Novi Sad and other BIG shopping centers.

Keep reading and find out which are the most beautiful women’s perfumes and the most popular men’s perfumes, and then stop by your favorite BIG shopping center and test them first hand in one of our many perfumeries!

The best women’s perfumes – find the ideal perfume that everyone will turn to

What makes the most beautiful women’s perfume, sensual and persistent notes, or a refreshing citrus or floral finish? Are the most beautiful women’s perfumes gentle and romantic, or can they be energetic and daring?

Below you can read which are the best women’s perfumes of men’s choice, but the most popular women’s perfumes among the fairer sex, which will complement your style.

# 1 Shalimar, Guerlain – the most beautiful women’s perfume inspired by eternal love

The beauty of this perfume is as great as the love story it inspired. Namely, its creator Jacques Gerlan conceived it in 1925, inspired by the famous story of Emperor Shah Jahan, who first met his greatest love in the gardens of Shalimar, and later built the famous Taj Mahal in her honor.

Shalimar is a warm and spicy fragrance, imbued with floral notes of jasmine, rose and iris. Its notes will open the magical world of the Orient to you and leave a powerful impression on everyone who meets you.

Fragrant group: oriental spicy

Main accords: citrus, amber, woody notes, vanilla

Top notes: bergamot, lemon, mandarin, cedar

Middle notes: iris, patchouli, jasmine, vetiver, rose

Base notes: vanilla, leather, musk, opoponax, incense, civet, sandalwood

Najbolji ženski i muški parfemi – Top lista najboljih parfema

# 2 Black Opium, Yves Saint Laurent – a trademark for brave women

The best women’s perfumes almost inevitably have to include this popular fragrance. Black Opium is exactly as the name describes it – an intoxicating and sensual scent that turns your eyes in your direction.

Black Opium is the best-selling women’s perfume among daring women. It is intended for dynamic and energetic ladies who like to take risks. It contains powerful black coffee, sweet vanilla and persistent patchouli, which provide a sensual and long-lasting scent.

Women are mostly divided into those who adore it and who don’t like it, but one thing is for sure – if you decide on this fragrance, you will never be indifferent.

Fragrant group: oriental spicy

Main accords: vanilla, coffee, sweet notes, hot spices

Top notes: pink pepper, orange blossom, pear

Middle notes: coffee, jasmine

Base notes: vanilla, patchouli, cedar

# 3 Libre Intense, Yves Saint Laurent – French magic in one bottle of perfume

Imagine a combination of intense French lavender, combined with fragrant notes of sweet orange blossom and delicate and shy orchids. This is exactly what Libre Intense is, which many ladies consider the most beautiful women’s perfume.

Libre Intense is intended for modern and free women, who express their feelings without fear and are not afraid to be the center of attention. Its fragrant notes are described as a combination of fire and gold, and with it as your trademark, you will not go unnoticed anywhere.

Fragrant group: aromatic wine glass

Main accords: vanilla, white flowers, sweet notes, lavender

Top notes: mandarin, French lavender, bergamot

Middle notes: lavender, sambac jasmine, orange blossom from Morocco, orchid

Base notes: vanilla from Madagascar, vetiver, ambergris, tonka from Venezuela

# 4 For Her, Narciso Rodriguez – a perfume for a sexy woman who follows fashion trends

For Her is a modern and sexy perfume intended for a free and challenging woman. It was created in America, by a young designer of Cuban origin, Narcissus Rodriguez, and soon after its launch, it became extremely popular.

Its first edition appeared in 2004 in the form of eau de toilette in a black bottle and a pink box, after which in 2006 a perfume water in a pink bottle and a black box was launched.

Both versions are characterized by musk as the central note, while floral and spicy accords alternate in the top notes. Eau de toilette can be characterized as more aggressive and sharp, while perfume water is softer and gentler. Below we present the main features of the original version.

Fragrant group: floral woody musk

Main accords: musky notes, powdery notes, white flowers

Top notes: osmanthus, orange blossom, bergamot

Middle notes: musk, amber

Base notes: vetiver, vanilla, patchouli

Najbolji ženski i muški parfemi – Top lista najboljih parfema

# 5 Light Blue woman, Dolce & Gabbana – meet the airy scent of Sicilian summer

Of all Dolce & Gabbana perfumes, Light Blue is the most airy and fresh, which is why many members of the fairer sex consider it the most beautiful women’s perfume. Light Blue exudes femininity and lightness, and its notes evoke an association with Sicilian summer.

Moist notes of lime and cypress combined with fresh notes of lemon and apple make it the perfect summer perfume. If you are a fan of citrus scents, Light Ble is a perfume ideal for you.

Fragrant group: floral fruit

Main accords: citrus, woody and fresh notes, fruity notes

Top notes: Sicilian lemon, green apple, wild hyacinth

Middle notes: jasmine, bamboo, rose

Base notes: cedar, amber, lemon

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The best men’s perfumes – find a perfume that suits your character

Men are usually interested in, what are the best men’s perfumes of women’s choice? It is true that the best men’s perfume is the one in which you feel brave and full of self-confidence, regardless of whether it is dominated by citrus notes or sandalwood notes.

However, we have prepared a list of the most popular men’s perfumes for you, which have gained this reputation for a reason. Read below to find out which are the best men’s perfumes that leave no one indifferent, and get them at the nearest BIG shopping center!

# 1 Club de Nuit Intense Man, Armaf – subtle notes that will complement any style

The first on the list of the best perfumes is Club de Nuit Intense, provocative, and at the same time refined and elegant, just like the bottle in which it comes. This perfume is considered a double of the popular Creed Aventus, but it is much more affordable.

This is a woody-spicy scent, with the main accords of citrus and fruit. The masculine scent of musk, patchouli and vanilla that make up its base blends perfectly with the middle notes of birch, jasmine and rose, while the top notes of lemon, pineapple and apple make a fantastic finish.

Fragrant group: woody-spicy

Main accords: citrus, fruity notes, leather, smoke notes

Top notes: lemon, bergamot, black currant, apple, pineapple

Middle notes: jasmine, rose, birch

Base notes: patchouli, musk, vanilla

# 2 Terre d’Hermes, Hermes – a perfume for a man who knows what he wants

When it comes to the best men’s perfumes, Terre d’Hermes is in the photo finish with Armaf’s Club de Nuit. This perfume contains a classic trio of masculine notes that make up musk, woody and citrus notes, while the spicy herbs give it a dose of mystique.

This is a perfume for serious and mature men, who have a goal in life and know what they want. Its distinctive scent is based on the harmony of air and earth. Sensual and luxurious, this perfume is great for business and special occasions.

Fragrant group: woody-spicy

Main accords: citrus, woody notes, fresh spices and aromatic notes

Top notes: orange, grapefruit, flint

Middle notes: pepper, geranium leaf, pink pepper, patchouli

Base notes: cedar, vetiver, benzoin

# 3 Cool Water, Davidoff – a refreshing perfume for cheerful and energetic men

The next perfume on the list is Cool Water, which is a timeless classic among men’s perfumes. This perfume is simple and masculine, with a refreshing and sharp scent, which exudes vitality and energy.

This perfume is perfect for adventurers, energetic men who accept every challenge, and with a smile. It is considered a classic among summer perfumes, and is an ideal addition to the collection of anyone who loves fresh and airy perfumes.

Fragrant group: aromatic-aqueous

Main accords: aromatic notes, green and sea notes, fresh spices

Top notes: fresh peppermint, sea water, green notes, lavender, rosemary, coriander

Middle notes: geranium, neroli, jasmine, sandalwood

Base notes: amber, cedar, tobacco, musk, oakmoss

Najbolji ženski i muški parfemi – Top lista najboljih parfema

# 4 Eros, Versace – a men’s perfume that combines elegance and luxury

The name alone tells him, Eros is a perfume that you and your beautiful half will fall in love with. This is a perfume that combines extremes, with the goal of unleashing passions. Elegant and provocative, this perfume contains refined and citrus notes, packaged in a luxurious turquoise bottle.

Eros is the best men’s perfume for men who want to leave an elegant impression, feel beautiful in their skin, but also tickle the imagination of those present.

Fragrant group: aromatic wine glass

Main accords: vanilla, aromatic notes, green and fresh spices

Top notes: mint, green apple, lemon

Middle notes: tonka bean, geranium, ambroxan

Base notes: vanilla from Madagascar, vetiver, moss, Virginia cedar, satin cedar

# 5 Acqua Di Gio Profumo, Giorgio Armani – the perfect perfume for any occasion

Twenty years after the launch of the popular water fragrance Acqua Di Gio, Armani has introduced its new aromatic-water fragrance Acqua Di Gio Profumo.

This is the best men’s perfume for those who want a universal fragrance for all occasions. Airy and elegant, this fragrance symbolizes the touch of strong sea waves with black rocks. Fresh water accords combined with aromatic tones of sage and rosemary make Acqua Di Gio Profumo a perfume that will never go out of fashion.

Fragrant group: aromatic-aqueous

Main accords: vanilla, aromatic notes, sea notes, fresh spices

Top notes: bergamot, sea notes

Middle notes: geranium, rosemary, sage

Base notes: patchouli, incense

Did our suggestions tickle your imagination? If you have found a perfume that has kept your attention, or you think that your better half would like it, it’s time to try it! Visit the perfumery Jasmin in Novi Sad, drugstore Lilly in Belgrade or any other perfumery in the nearest BIG shopping center and find the most beautiful men’s perfume that will remain your trademark for a long time!