🌾 BIG Maslenice, 5.3, 12-6 PM🌾


Come and say goodbye to winter and welcome spring together with a music program, workshops for children, and a bazaar of folk handicrafts, in cooperation with GTO Kragujevac and the association “Svet”.

How many of you actually know what Maslenice is?
A Christian holiday named, believe it or not, after butter!
We decided to mark the week of this holiday with good music, a great atmosphere and various games for the whole family. So don’t miss coming to our center this Saturday, because you will find an entertainment program, many workshops and a sales exhibition that you will enjoy throughout the day.

See the entire program HERE.

Visit us on March 5 between 12:00 and 18:00 in the #BIGFASHIONKragujevac center and get to know the traditions and customs of Maslenica.

WHEN: 5.3, 12-6 pm