🎲 BOARD GAMES TOURNAMENT, 26-27.2, 14-18h 🎲


Let’s hear it, who loves board games? Our #BIG children’s TOURNAMENT starts in a few days, and we invite the whole family to reserve time for their favorite board games next weekend! Parents to remember how it used to be with Jenga, Eureka and Monopoly, and kids to enjoy learning new moves and games. In addition to the tournament, your youngest will be able to try their hand at various games, but also in the knowledge quiz! For tournament winners, we have a surprise too! @Kengur_com bookstore has also prepared educational gifts, so hurry up and play! Look for the box for registering for the tournament in the atrium of the center, and below you can see more ways to register: Registrations can also be done via DM on the Instagram page @klikcon On the day of the event, registrations are made with the girls on the spot WHEN: 26-27.2, 14-18h WHERE: atrium #BIGFASHIONKragujevac center