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Pandora in Novi Sad is located in the best shopping location in the city – in the BIG shopping center! In it you can find a large assortment of modern jewelry. Visit Pandora in Novi Sad and give yourself or your loved ones luxurious jewelry for special occasions and no special occasion!

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Pandora Novi Sad – a mix of modern and traditional

Back in 1982, a luxury jewelry brand named Pandora was born in Copenhagen. Since then, he has come a long way from a local Danish store to the first association for quality and unique jewelry in the whole world, including Novi Sad.

What is the secret of Pandora’s success?

The recipe for the success of the Pandora store in Novi Sad, as well as all other stores of this brand around the world, is a combination of exciting and modern design, with experience and traditional jewelry making techniques.
If you are looking for a quality, timeless piece of jewelry, visit Pandora stores in Novi Sad!

Pandora pendants Novi Sad – offer of the most modern jewelry

Pandora in Novi Sad is famous for its diverse jewelry with a romantic look and a wide selection of colors and styles.
In the Pandora store in Novi Sad, you can find jewelry for every occasion.

Particularly popular are Pandora bracelets, which have been every girl’s favorite accessory for years and the best-selling product of this brand!
Along with these bracelets, the famous Pandora pendants are indispensable – a large selection of them awaits you in the BIG shopping center.

Whether you are looking for the latest pieces of jewelry from limited collections or you are a lover of the classics, looking for a gift or want to treat yourself… Visit the Novi Sad Pandora in BIGA and you will not leave empty-handed, and our professional staff will make your shopping experience extraordinary!

If you find yourself in our capital, it’s always a good idea to visit Pandora in Belgrade at the BIG Fashion Center!

Pandora Novi Sad – working hours and location

The working hours of Pandora in Novi Sad are the same as the working hours of other jewelry and accessories stores in Novi Sad in the BIG shopping center – from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
The address where Pandora Novi Sad is located is Sentandrejski put 11 and we can be reached very quickly and easily from all parts of the city.
For easier navigation, before you come to BIG in Novi Sad, you can look at the map of the facility. Pandora Novi Sad is located in a location that is easy to find and remember because it is at stand number 35, and you can see our contact phone number in the upper left corner of the page.
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