In Medio Pancevo

INMEDIO is the leading retail chain in shopping centers and high street zones in Central and East Europe.

INMEDIO and MEDIA PLUS stores, positioned on most frequent places, offer wide choice of press, cigarettes, confectionery, drinks and other products loved and known by customers.

INMEDIO is present in more than 1700 locations in 7 Central European countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro.

Company has developed the unique “know-how” with purpose to meet specific needs of both, customers and suppliers and to become the leading retail chain with a distinctive image and market position.

Contact info

B76, E46
Working hours: 10-22h

Contact info

B76, E46
Working hours: 10-22h

Special Offers

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Domestic press
As leading press distributor, we are cooperate with all publishers in Serbia, as well in our retail stores we offer the biggest possible assortment of dailies and magazines.

International press
INMEDIO and MEDIA PLUS stores offer the biggest choice of daily, weekly, monthly and bimonthly international press.

Books and CD’s&DVD’s
We offer best sellers, domestic and international, from this categories and constantly monitor customers wishes in terms of bestsellers, top 20 titles, the newest films and other.

We offer wide assortment of confectionery – chocolates, chewing gums, bonbons, Sault assortment, ice cream, and drinks as well – juices and water.

HDS follows and respect the laws that are aimed at reducing smoking and sale of tobacco products. Despite government efforts, the demand for tobacco products in Serbia is great and we strive to meet the customers. Therefore, in our shops can offer you a complete tobacco products with a focus on the world’s biggest brands. With cigarettes, we offer a large selection of other tobacco products, cigars and smoking accessories.

Services and other products
In INMEDIO and MEDIA PLUS stores customers can find a wide choice of most attractive everyday needs – cosmetics, lighters, maps, guides, gifts, coffee and other. Lottery, phone cards and e-charges are also available in our offer.