City of Novi Sad

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Store: S05

Arcus Health is the company with main activity of selling massage chairs, massages and high-quality fitness equipment. We are present on the territory of whole Europe, supplying our clients with the best service, high guaranty and long-term technical support. We are the owners of Arcus brand, franchise of Arcushealth Club and we are authorized distributors of the biggest world brand in massage program, Japanese brand Inada. We equip hotels, airports, spa and wellness centers, beauty salons, private apartments, houses and mansions, malls, gas stations etc. Arcus succeed with its massage chairs, to make a symbiosis of tradition and the most modern technique, and to in a big way, replace hand massage. With acupressure technique of pressure and levers and massage’s wheels, nerve fibers are stimulated with secretion of endorphin – the hormone of joy and happiness. Arcus tends to by equipping the corners for relaxation, eliminates everyday tension of every man and women, to increase the joy and good mood. All in service of your healthy body and soul.