City of Novi Sad

Category: Clothing
Phone: 062 88 40 745
Shop: C02

Famous German brand in its offer has clothing for the whole family. In C&A store you can find with very reasonable prices, modern pieces of clothes as well as classic models which can excite the whole family. With tradition which lasts for 170 years, C&A guarantee high-quality materials, great production and prices which are similar to prices in foreign countries. C&A offers beside regular cotton, bio cotton, too. Bio cotton is organically grown, it doesn’t damage the environment, and the result is softer and prettier piece of clothing in regard to piece made from regular cotton. This brand offers nine brands on their own which will satisfied the taste of the pickiest customers. From those who follow fashion trends to those who puts classic and comfort in front of fashion. Beside men and women collection, C&A brings you big assortment of clothes for children. Depending the age, offer contains three brands and clothing which children are going to adore because of the appearance and the parents will love it because of the price and quality. The assortment brings also the variety of pajamas, underwear, socks and accessories, as well as XL department where ladies with bigger measures can find their perfect pieces. Learn more about brand on or contact them by an e-mail