City of Novi Sad

Category: Jewelry and accessories
Phone: 021 270 13 93
Shop: B02a

Behind us are the years of experience in optical products market management. Our customers have in every moment, high quality educated team on their disposal that will help them with professional advices to choose for themselves the best products. We are there to inform, educate and remind people about importance of taking care about eyes and sight, so we consider that every man and women should have a nice, affordable, high quality pair of glasses. Also, we put satisfied customers as a main priority, in front of following the latest trends. Every buyer is unique and that’s why we are approaching to our customers with special attention. Thanks to the most developed technology, glass is made in period of 24h, according to buyer’s need and wish. As we always tend to expand and develop offer and possibilities, we have the great plans which can be achieved by experience of our new and our permanent customers.