City of Novi Sad

Category: Other
Phone: 021 270 17 07
Shop: S29

MEDIA PLUS stores offer the largest selection of daily, weekly, monthly and bimonthly foreign press, tobacco and tobacco products, rich assortment of books and CD & DVD of music and movies. Large range of confectionery – chocolate, chewing gum, sweets, salty assortment, ice cream and beverages – soft drinks and water. In MEDIA PLUS shops customers can find a wide variety of everyday necessities – cosmetics, cigarette lighters, maps, guides, gifts, coffee and more. Lottery cards, phones and e-supplements are also available in our offer. We especially recommend the collection and brands which we are distributors: Lip Smacker s world famous flavored balms, pens LolliPen quality, attractive design and over 30 FunkyFish frame glasses interesting design. MEDIA PLUS shops are located throughout Serbia.