City of Novi Sad

Category: Footwear
Phone: 062 262 516
Shop: A03

When in one place, demands of the market for new ideas, experience of the best traders, skills of the architects to shape the interior and the imagination of professional designers are intersected together, there develops project which created the best in their domain. Oh la la is a retail concept which has begun its business four years ago with participation of professionals from Italy – the land where like nowhere on the planet, the the circuit of traditional and modern is made, and which is known for good style, elegance and great design. From that environment, we invited the professionals to convert their ideas into masterpieces and to devote that masterpieces to those who recognize quality and elegance. Experienced consultants, well known not only in Italy, but all over the world, helped Oh la la to become the successful company like it is now. That is the story why Oh la la brand is appreciated and gladly visited place for shopping shoes among the customers.