City of Novi Sad

Category: Clothing
Phone: 060 85 15 613
Shop: B23

Fashion brand P….S….fashion for more than 20 has been representing favorite clothing choices for women. We offer great assortment of clothing and accesories with tendention of taking place on domestic and regional market. In our creations, many celebrities found themselves such as: singers of band Neverne Bebe, Jelena Tomasevic, Lena Kovacevic, Frajle, TV presenters like Ivana Baltic, Rada Djuric, Aleksandra Jeftanovic, Natasa Pavlovic and many others. On 2015, Chamber of Commerce of Sebia, thanks to the active customer’s voting, gave a P….S….fashion award „The best from Serbia“ for the best clothing brand in category „Clothes and shoes“.On 2016, company got award for the best online performance by PC Press. The same year, PS celebrated the 20th anniversary, and the immportance of this event is in giving a collected money for donation of foundation „Support life“.