City of Novi Sad

Category: Clothing
Phone: 021 539 008
Shop: C04

For over 30 years, as an international fashion company, equip customers with outfits appropriate for different situations of everyday life – and this in almost 1,900 branches in 16 countries! Of course you and your loved ones will not miss anything: a remarkable selection of collection for babies, children, teenagers and men rounded portfolio of brand Takko. Fashion from Munster, for the whole world: since 2000 Takko continuously going in the direction of expansion, both domestically and abroad. Takko brand continues to rejoice its customers in Serbia, but beside that, the brand took its place in the top of the fashion market all over the Europe: Germany, Austria, Swiss, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Belgium, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Croatia, Italy, which all claims the persistence and quality of the brand.