City of Novi Sad

Category: Home decor
Phone: 021 270 25 86
Shop: A01 / A02

Many years of experience, aesthetic taste and careful selection of style, materials and colors, pointed out quickly Vitorog on market as an authentic company which offer follows high quality with reasonable prices. More than 25 years Vitorog listens and follows the needs of its satisfied customers with tendency of making their wishes and needs come true. Vitorog is the group specialized for production and distribution of high-quality furniture and for equipping and decorating of interior. The company is seated in Novi Sad, which sale is spreading on 250000 square meters, in many cities in Serbia considering Belgrade TC Zmaj, Novi Sad, Subotica, Sr.Mitrovica, Cacak, Zlatibor. The furniture we make is defined as modern with trendy design and also high quality of materials and production.