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Non Stop Fitness is the first and only chain of fitness centers in Serbia operating 24 hours, every day. We know that physical activity is critical to health and good appearance. And a healthy life doesn’t have to be expensive. Non Stop Fitness, therefore, allows you to train whenever you want at an extremely low cost in modernly equipped rooms. Gym, group fitness, cardio training, spinning, women’s gym, cross fit zone – all included in the price of a single Non Stop Fitness membership. All our members have unlimited access to all of our fitness centers.

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Working hours: 06-23h

Contact info

Working hours: 06-23h

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    Novitet u Umbrella shopu – 2000 PUFFS!

    Predstavljamo vam 2000 PUFFS, fenomenalni jednokratni vejp modernog ombre dizajna. Gumirani završni sloj omogućava savršeno prijananje u ruci korisnika čime se sprečava slučajno ispadanje uređaja. Dostupan u čak 17 različitih...

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    Za naredne generacije – no planet b!

    Fokusirana na održivost, nova kooperaciona marka kompanije dm pomirila je efikasan način upotrebe resursa i atraktivni dizajn pakovanja od reciklirane plastike. Apciklaža, unapređeni vid recikliranja, pretvara sastojke namenjene za bacanje...

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    DO 31. januara, ne propustite priliku da ostvarite popust od 20% u DekorDom radnji na celokupan HOMLA asortiman. Pronađite u DekorDom radnji na 1. spratu centra sve ono što će...

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Non Stop Fitness D.O.O. is a Swedish-Serbian company founded in 2015 with the idea to bring to the Serbian market a rich experience and quality of fitness from Scandinavian countries. Our company is led by a team of young professionals with extensive international experience in establishing and operating fitness center chains in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Poland.

Awareness of the need for regular physical exercise is highly developed in Western European countries. It is a major prerequisite for building and maintaining the psycho-physical health of every person, regardless of age and gender. Non Stop Fitness believes that engaging in physical activity is the best investment in health, and that lack of money and time should not be an obstacle to such a decision. So we decided to make fitness accessible to everyone and always!

We are aware that the modern lifestyle does not allow us to always plan our time correctly. Business, college, family responsibilities, all of which distracts us from playing sports, and thus diminishes our chances of staying fit and healthy. NON STOP FITNESS adapts to your lifestyle, needs and habits. You will never adjust your time to gym hours. We are the only chain of fitness centers in Serbia that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Non Stop Fitness members have the right to use all the facilities at any of our locations for an unlimited number of times during the day, month, year! Gym, cardio, women’s gym, cross fit workouts, spinning and group workouts are included in the membership fee!

Want to lose weight or gain muscle mass? Do you intend to raise your fitness level or simply improve your health? Our expert fitness trainers will help you with this. All our trainers have completed higher education in the field of fitness and physical education and / or certificates of renowned national and international fitness associations. Seek advice or schedule a personal training session. Non Stop Fitness will help you achieve your goal in the most efficient way, whether you are a professional athlete or a recreational athlete.

The NON STOP FITNESS concept is based on a community spirit and a love for fitness and health. We want you to take care of yourself and keep looking for new ways to make your fitness center experience more fun, challenging and rewarding.