Maxi Novi Sad

Maxi Novi Sad offers you a great offer at great prices on almost 1500 m2 of sales space, modernly decorated and maximally adapted to consumers!

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Working hours: 08h - 22h

Contact info

Working hours: 08h - 22h

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    -20% na kolekciju JZ 23 i -30% na jakne. Popust se ne odnosi na artikle iz BASIC asortimana i Limited edition asortimana

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Maxi Novi Sad – offer of quality products

The biggest Maxi in Novi Sad is waiting for you in the BIG shopping center with its large and recognizable range of products!
Always find fresh fruits and vegetables for preparing salads and favorite desserts, as well as fresh meat of domestic origin and strictly controlled quality, which will give each of your family lunches a special charm.

The largest and best equipped Maxi in Novi Sad is a place that will win you over with the irresistible smell of fresh pastries from the Maxi bakery, and sweets lovers can enjoy the finest Belgian chocolates with an irresistible taste!

The listed delicacies are only a fraction of what awaits consumers in this modern and richly equipped supermarket. With an area of over 1500 m2, self-service and classic cash registers and more than 60 employees, buying groceries has never been easier!
Visit Novi Sad Maxi in Novi Sad in the BIG shopping center and discover the secret of their success!

Maxi Novi Sad – working hours

The working hours of Maxi in Novi Sad are from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day, throughout the year.

The address where the markets in Novi Sad in the BIG shopping center, including Maxi Novi Sad, are located is Sentandrejski put 11 and we can be reached very quickly and easily from all parts of the city!

For easier navigation, before you come to BIG in Novi Sad, you can look at the map of the facility, although it is unlikely that you will miss this huge supermarket upon your arrival!

Also, if you find yourself in our capital, you can visit Maxi in Belgrade at the BIG Fashion Center.