Gifts for Valentine’s Day – a few ideas to surprise your loved one


They say that love should be expressed every day, so lovers use almost every opportunity to please their sympathy or loved one. Valentine’s Day, as the most romantic date of the year, is traditionally celebrated around the world – by giving a sign of attention to your partner with a gift or a special time reserved “for two”.

Whether you are one of those who choose a gift for a long time and carefully, or you are looking for the most beautiful gift for Valentine’s Day for your boyfriend or girlfriend, wife or wife – BIG shopping center is here for you!

Valentine’s Day ideas – What to give for Valentine’s Day?

Even if choosing a gift is a task that you normally do without much trouble, Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to give gifts can sometimes be a real challenge. That is why gift ideas for Valentine’s Day are more than welcome.

For the best shopping experience, we researched the offer of BIG stores and found what to give for Valentine’s Day to express your feelings to your loved one in the right way – whether you are looking for practical, classic, or crazy gifts for Valentine’s Day.

All the ideas for gifts for February 14 from our list below, as well as many other things that may come to your mind, can be found in our shopping malls. Together with our BIG family, create priceless memories with your loved one by exchanging original gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day gift for men – what to give a husband or boyfriend for Valentine’s Day?

Although you will often hear that a gift for him is always harder to choose, a gift that shows that you care about him – to know him well and actively listen to him, will “melt” even the hearts of those who are less romantic by nature.

Whether you are trying to figure out which Valentine’s Day gift for your husband, boyfriend or crush would be a good choice when shopping, in the BIG shopping center you will find gifts that are in line with your budget, while the gift is guaranteed to bring a big smile on your loved ones face.

Pokloni za Dan zaljubljenih – nekoliko ideja da iznenadite voljenu osobu

# 1 Electronic devices and popular gadgets as a gift for Valentine’s Day

Various modern gadgets are reliably a perfect gift for a man who is a fan of the technique for Valentine’s Day. In our stores, such as Gigatron in Novi Sad and Tehnomanija in Belgrade, you can find a variety of useful electronic devices from well-known world brands.

Some of them that could be a great choice of gifts for a boy are an external battery, headphones, wireless speaker, and other practical gifts of this type for Valentine’s Day that will delight every man.

# 2 Sports equipment – the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day gift for a guy who is a “sports guy”

Sports equipment is a gift that will delight every fan of sports activities, but also those who like to enjoy the comfort of sportswear and footwear every day. Also, sports bags, in addition to carrying sports equipment for training, can prove useful during longer or shorter trips – for which they are sometimes even more convenient than a suitcase.

Depending on your man’s lifestyle, you can choose a useful gift in accordance with his hobbies, such as training equipment at home or outdoors, or special equipment for hiking or other sports.

For the easiest way to choose this gift for Valentine’s Day, go to the Beosport store in Belgrade, the Sport Vision store in Novi Sad, or many other stores of sportswear, footwear, and equipment in Novi Sad and other BIG shopping centers.

# 3 Cosmetics for men – gift set of cosmetics or perfume gift set for Valentine’s Day

A set of cosmetics for men is another gift that you will not go wrong with. Whether you want to give your loved one a try to try a new product or make him happy with his favorite perfume – it is a useful gift that will surely pleasantly surprise him on Valentine’s Day.

Carefully research the assortments of stores in our shopping centers such as Lilly drugstore in Belgrade, DM drugstore in Novi Sad and Alexandar Cosmetics in Belgrade, and friendly advisors in our stores will be happy to advise you if in doubt when buying the ideal gift for a boyfriend or husband.

# 4 A watch or wallet as a proven gift idea for a boyfriend for Valentine’s Day

The watch and wallet are gifts for men that will delight every lover of fashion and elegant style.

A quality watch with design and material can “tell a story” about your man’s lifestyle while wearing it on his wrist. You can find them in the accessories and jewelry stores in our shopping center, such as the Bomar store in Novi Sad and the Watch store in Belgrade.

Although there are beliefs that a watch and a wallet are not good to give away, many opt for these gifts, which, like the classics, are gifts that you will certainly not go wrong with. If superstitions still lead you to give up this idea, even though you are convinced that a watch or wallet will cheer up your man the most – we have a solution for you in the form of the following proposal!

# 5 Gift card – a gift for Valentine’s Day that will surely delight every man

Gift cards are an ideal way to solve all the troubles that give you the choice of gifts for Valentine’s Day for him, especially when you are looking for them at the last minute. If your partner is especially picky – he will be most happy to include him in the process of choosing the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

You can buy a gift card in one of the clothing stores such as Zara in Belgrade or H&M in Novi Sad, in one of the fashion accessories stores – where your man will find the ideal wallet or watch that suits his style, but also in many other BIG stores. centers that offer this option to customers.

Gifts for Valentine’s Day – what to buy for a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day?

Although it is a day of love – another in a series of opportunities to express your warm feelings to each other, preparing for this Valentine’s Day can be stressful – especially when it comes to choosing the perfect gift for her.

The process in which you need to think about which gift for Valentine’s Day to a girl or wife in the right way to reflect your feelings towards her, is often not easy – no matter how long your relationship lasts. That is why we have prepared a list of interesting gifts for you that can serve as inspiration for a reliably good selection of gifts for girls for Valentine’s Day.

Pokloni za Dan zaljubljenih – nekoliko ideja da iznenadite voljenu osobu

#1 Flowers and candy packaging – a classic and perfect gift for Valentine’s Day for a girlfriend or wife

Whether your choice is a classic red rose or a modern colorful bouquet as a gift for Valentine’s Day, combined with the packaging of her favorite sweets – every girl and woman will feel loved.

In BIG shopping malls, you can find everyone’s favorite candy store Candy Universe in Novi Sad, as well as Candy Universe in Belgrade, and choose sweets that will ideally complement your Valentine’s Day gift for her.

# 2 Pajamas or nightgowns – always need pieces of clothing for a gentle token of attention

Pajamas or nightgowns that you would give on Valentine’s Day as a gift for a girl are an original choice that every girl will be happy with, especially if you choose sleeping clothes for her according to her taste – with nice motives or sensual character.

Delicate materials are the most important part of choosing such an intimate gift for Valentine’s Day for her, and you can find such in our store Extreme Intimo in Belgrade, Women’secret in Novi Sad, and other stores of quality lingerie and clothing that provides maximum comfort, in BIG shopping centers.

# 3 Jewelry as the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day – the ideal choice for a woman who “has it all”

Merlin Monroe sang that diamonds are a woman’s best friend, and the mentioned part of the song became a cult statement for a reason. Jewelry is a really valuable gift that every girl will carefully keep and gladly wear – regardless of whether it is such an expensive material or jewelry whose design perfectly suits her style of dress.

Gifting jewelry is a great way to show your loved one that you recognize her taste, as well as to ensure that you will always be in her thoughts when wearing a gifted piece of jewelry

For a wide range of jewelry, within which you will find a modern design that fits your budget, visit one of the jewelry stores in Novi Sad and jewelry stores in Belgrade, as well as our other shopping centers. There are also Berić store in Novi Sad, Pandora store in Belgrade or one of the stores offering a variety of clothing and accessories, among which you will find costume jewelry in the latest fashion.

# 4 Makeup and natural cosmetics – fragrant products as an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day

During February, our drugstores such as the Sephora store in Belgrade and the Jasmin store in Novi Sad will feature numerous products from the limited collection that aesthetically suit the theme of love – a cute design in pink and red.

If your “beautiful half” enjoys caring for your skin and hair – choosing the above or one of the products of the standard range will be the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day – just for her.

Gifts for couples – interesting gifts for Valentine’s Day

If you are one of those who do not like surprises, the ideal way to celebrate your love on Valentine’s Day is to find a gift that you can enjoy together.

Depending on your common interests, the ideal way to spend your day can be a romantic dinner in a pleasant restaurant like the National Class in Novi Sad in BIG and the restaurant Monument in Belgrade.

For movie lovers – you can book two tickets for a movie screening at the cinema. Enjoy maximum comfort together in our nearest cinema, whether it is Cineplexx in Belgrade or Cinestar in Novi Sad.

After the movie, you can “extend” in one of our Gaming Centers – Galaktika in Novi Sad or Babylon Park in Belgrade, to wake up the children’s side and spend your day in a completely different way.

If you decide to visit our BIG FASHION shopping center for Valentine’s Day, be sure to mark your special time together with interesting photos that you can take and create in Belgrade with our Insta Photo Kiosk.

As every year, stores in our malls prepare special offers and discounts, as well as a themed assortment specifically for Valentine’s Day, so maybe while enjoying your day at BIG, you still decide to complete the “common inventory” by matching clothes or home supplies.

Choosing a gift for Valentine’s Day can be challenging precisely because of the large number of options that are in front of you. We hope that some of our gift ideas for Valentine’s Day seemed to you to be the right choice for your loved one, or at least inspired you to come up with gift ideas that will bring a smile to his or her face.

It is best to go in search as soon as possible, so that you can explore the range of stores of our shopping centers without pressure and truly enjoy shopping for the other half. Visit us to find a gift that will suit your love story and complete this special day in your relationship or marriage!

Gifts for Valentine’s Day with BIG shopping centers become a real pleasure to choose and simple and easy shopping! Enjoy this day and make your other half happy with a beautiful gift that will make her happy.